Desktop Options

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Desktop Options

The Jigsaw Desktop has Thirteen  main options:




clip0036 Connection Manager - to setup connections to broker/data feeds

clip0147 Orders & Positions View - to view order, fill, position and account data

clip0037 Strategy Manager - to manage automated exit strategies

clip0038 Alert Window - displays alerts generated by the tools

clip0039 Session Manager - defines market open and close times

clip0040 Depth & Sales - Integrated DOM and Order Flow, with build in Auction Vista and Power Meters

clip0041 Reconstructed Tape - Advanced Time & Sales Tool with built in Alerts and Power Meters

clip0042Summary Tape - Side-by-side Trade Summary with built in Alerts

clip0226 Pace of Tape Smart Gauge

clip0225 Journalytix - Logs you on to the Journalytix site, note that you will need to have your Jigsaw username & password set in the options screen for login to work.

clip0288 Open Real Time Chat and chat with fellow Jigsaw users.

clip0289 Opens Widgets - these are cloud based features such as Real Time News Feed and Economic Releases (coming soon).