Connection Manager

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Connection Manager


Before you can use the tools, you need to define your connections. Currently we support the following connection types:

CQG Continuum

GAIN Capital

IQFeed (Data only)

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) - Trade History Only

MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

NinjaTrader 8


TT's REST API - Trade History Only

TT's XTAPI ) - Trade History Only


Note that from Version onwards, the username and password for connection is optional. You will be prompted for the username/password on connect and they will not be saved (although if you get a disconnect, it will use them to reconnect)


Click the connection manager icon clip0011on the daytradr menu  to open Connection Manager:




To define a new connection click the triangle icon next to "New" and select the connection type. For details on how to define each connection type, click on the appropriate link:


CQG Connection Instructions

IQFeed Connection Instructions

Rithmic Connections Instructions


After defining your connections, you will see them in connection manager:




You can now select any connection and click

Connect - Connect to the selected Connection.

Disconnect - Disconnect from the selected Connection.

Edit - Edit the Connection settings.

Copy - Copy the selected Connection settings to a new Connection.

Delete - Delete the Connection

Info - Shows last 50 messages related to that connection (useful if connection fails)

Close - Close the connection window

Download Instruments - Downloads instrument information for the provider. See Working With Instruments section for more information.


When your connections have been set up, you can connect or disconnect to them. The background color identifies the connection status (as does the status column)




Red - Connection Failed

Green - Connected

Sky Blue - Connecting


If a connection fails to connect you will see the Error Window appear:




The amount of information given about a connection failure depends on the provider. To see more information about the login failure, click on the "Info" window on Connection Manager to see the last 50 messages for that provider: