Session Manager

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Session Manager

Click clip0092 to open Session Manager. Session Manager allows you to define session open/close times. The system has a number of built in Session Templates that you can change. You can also create new ones.




Session Name - Name identifying this session

Time Zone - Time zones that the session is definted in

Description - Free format description that will appear in the session search window


Then each day that the session is active is defined:

Session ID - More than 1 session can be defined. For example in this case we have the Globex session from 5pm to 4:15pm and within that we have a day session defined from 8:30am to 3:15pm

Start Day - Day of the week the session starts

Start Time - Start Time of session

End Day - Day of the week the session ends

End Time - Day of the week the session ends

+, - buttons are used to add or delete rows


Note that if you have repeated sessions through the week you can right click any line and click "Add Monday to Friday" to add similar sessions for the rest of the week:




Session Template File Location


Session Templates are stored on a folder on your PC:



Each file represents one strategy. You can move these strategies between PCs to share the strategy configuration information.