Alert Window

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Alert Window

The Alert Window is opened by clicking the clip0069icon on the daytradr desktop. Alerts will be displayed on this window and also written to a file which can be used by your charting application to draw alerts on your charts.


The alert window is a fully configurable multi-tab screen.





Filter Settings

Exchange Symbol - check this if you want this alert window tab then enter the Symbol you want to filter for (can be a partial filter like "ES")

Date Range - Range of dates to show alerts (will be disabled if "Today" is checked). This will cause alerts to be loaded from the history files.

Today - Check if you only want to see todays' alerts

Alert Types - Check which alert types you want to see in the window




Fonts & Other Options Settings

Font - Allows you to set font, font size & bold

Clear All Alert Messages - clears alert messages from screen but not from the history file


Bring To Front on Alert - If this is set and the Alert Window is behind another window, it will be moved to the front when an alert comes in.




clicking the "+" on the right will open a new tab on the alert window. You can have multiple tabs with different filtering on the alert window.




Clicking the icon next to "Options" will cause the options windows to hide/unhide so that you can save space just for the alerts.




You can set sorting and filtering options including custom filters as follows:




Alert Files


Alert files are named "JA" followed by the date followed by ".csv". They are comma seperated files and stored on a folder on your PC:




The files are in comma separated format as follows:


6/1/2016 1:36:06 AM,ESM16,2093.75,Large Qty Traded. 2093.50    0    8 2093.75,-16711681,-16777216,LargeQty

6/1/2016 1:36:38 AM,ESM16,2093.5,Large Qty Traded. 2093.25    1   11 2093.50,-16711681,-16777216,LargeQty

6/1/2016 1:36:44 AM,ESM16,2093.5,Large Qty Traded. 2093.50   10    0 2093.75,-65536,-16777216,LargeQty

6/1/2016 1:37:31 AM,ESM16,2093.25,"Block Buy. Price 2093.25, Size 20",-16777216,-16711681,BlockTrade

6/1/2016 1:37:35 AM,ESM16,2093.25,"Block Sell. Price 2093.25, Size 22",-16777216,-65536,BlockTrade


The columns are:

Date & Time, Instrument, Price, Message, Background Color, Foreground Color code, Alert type.


Most trading platforms will allow you to write a simple scripts to detect new alerts so that they can be painted on your charts.