Platform Options

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Platform Options

The daytradr configuration options can be found if you go to the Desktop, click "File" then "Options"




Auto Save Workspaces on exit - If set any open workspaces will be saved when you exit the application. If not set, you will be prompted to save any changed workspaces

Market Depth Throttle - This determines how often the application processes Market Depth changes. Note that if the inside bid or offer changes, this is processed immediately. A setting of 50 is recommended.

Use local volume stops for CQG - Leave this empty if you want Volume Stop processing to be handled Server Side for CGG

Log Errors - This is for support purposes only. If we

Skin - Sets the "skin" for the application. Skins allow you to change the color schemes of the application.

SmartQueue - Set to "On" if you want queue position displayed on Order Monitor and Depth & Sales.

Jigsaw Username/Password - Enter your credentials for the Jigsaw Members Site.


Here's a few examples of the available skins:

Sharp Plus Skin










Office 2010 Blue