Economic Releases

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Economic Releases

Economic Releases are some of the best generators of volatility. Which is great if you know one is coming but not so good if you aren't aware. The Jigsaw Economic Release data covers the whole planet, so no matter where you trade, we have you covered. The economic release window shows you the last 30 minutes of releases plus all the ones scheduled for the day. You can switch to see all for the day at the push of a button.


To Access Real Time news, click the widget icon, then "Economic Releases". Note - for these features to work best, it's better to have Google Chrome installed and set as your Default Browser. Click here for instructions here for how to download Chrome and make it you default browser.


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Note that the economic release is real time for subscribers to Journalytix or those that have a Live Trading Subscription. For others, there is a 15 minute delay on the economic releases. We have to pay for this service monthly, hence the delay. Still - it's a great way to catch up 'pre-market' for those without the live license. Economic Releases Actual data will be updated on the window in real time.





Click clip0280 to get a description of the economic release and see the history.


Click the clip0285 button to enable/disable real time updates.