Do I Need To Buy A Data Feed?

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Do I Need To Buy A Data Feed?

Jigsaw DAYTRADR™­ (standalone) works with the most popular data feeds in the market:


CQG Continuum

Gain (OEC) - The Gain Feed is also known as S5 Trader, Alpha Trader, Apex Trader, ATC Trader, CTG PRO, DT PRO, G-Force Trader, Global Zen Trader, High Ground Treader, Index Trade Launcher & Zaner 360.





It also plugs connects directly to NinjaTrader 8 and MetaTrader 5 Platforms.


This connectivity covers 90% of online retail brokers.


You don't have a brokerage account or data feed right now? No problem, you can get live market data from this link.


Look under "Need a Data Feed?". Each feed has live market data for 2 weeks and a demo account. It's tied to your email address, and generally, you can only get 1 demo per email address for each provider in a 12-month period.


Another approach traders take is to open up an account at a discount brokerage - you can do that for as little as $500. Then the broker provided feed (GAIN, CQG Continuum, Rithmic, etc.) will cost you about $35/month for US Futures markets.


If you want to learn more about Jigsaw DAYTRADR™ connectivity and US Futures data fees, click here.




Data Feed for Stocks.


Many customers ask which market data subscriptions they need for trading US stocks. We support stock data feed from IQFeed and Interactive Brokers.


It's not 100% clear and the stock feeds are quite different from Futures. After all, Futures all trade on a single exchange and any individual stock trades on many of them. NASDAQ is not a single exchange but a collection of exchanges. NYSE is an exchange, but their stocks also trade on NASDAQ.


Interactive Brokers aren't that good at answering these questions.


Your goal of course, is to see as much depth as possible across these markets, without seeing duplicates.


Without a firm answer from IB themselves, all we can do at Jigsaw is tell you what we subscribe to. This is listed below:




We will, of course, provide an update but this does appear to get a full picture of the depth. Note that Jigsaw daytradr consolidates depth from these different subscriptions, so that you see the full picture from the tools.