Subscription Monitor

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Subscription Monitor

Some data provides have limits on how many data feeds you can use at any one time. For example, Interactive Brokers only allows 3 Level 2 (Market Depth) feeds at a time.


Jigsaw does help with that by ensuring that feeds are shared internally.



In the above example, we have Depth & Sales, Summary Tape, Reconstructed Tape all using the level 1 feed from Rithmic for instrument ZBU16. The daytradr Broker Manager consolidates these requests and just makes one request for the Level 1 feed.


Subscription Monitor would show these subscriptions as follows:




If you hit a subscription limit you have 2 options.

1.Go to Subscription Monitor, find which tools have the subscription and then manually close them

2.Go to Subscription Monitor, select the subscriptions you want to close and click "Kill Subscription"