Platform Setup & Config

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Platform Setup & Config

To get started with the tools, you need to go through the following process:


Step 1 - Log into the Jigsaw Hub

Step 2 - Create a Discord Id

Step 3 - Install the tools

Step 4 - Start the application

Step 5 - Enter your license keys

Step 6 - Set up your data connections

Step 7 - Download Instruments


If you prefer, you can watch these videos and learn about the Platform Setup & Config, setting up a data feed and the different tools available on the daytradr software.


daytradr Installation & Setup

A guide to installing and setting up the daytradr software.


Setting up a data feed in daytradr

In this video, you will learn how to set up a data feed on the daytradr software and watch the markets follow this approach.

Please note that MetaTrader 5 and NinjaTrader 8 are bridge connections. If you are using any of those platforms, please click on the links to learn how to set up bridge connections (videos included).

Setting Up daytradr


Introduction to Orderflow - Tools

In this video you will learn about the different tools available on the daytradr software






At that point, you are ready to run the tools and start trading!


Note that for Widgets/Charts we use a Google Chrome Extension. If those windows don't open, you will need to install an additional piece of software from Microsoft.


Jigsaw Operate a Help Desk with built-in knowledge base and trackable ticketing system for customers. Please click here to visit the support site. Use your members user id & password to gain access.



Cloud based backup applications (OneDrive, etc.), Antivirus / AntiMalware software and daytradr.


daytradr software writes and collects information from the files located on the Documents > Jigsaw Trading folder


If this folder is being synced in real time to One Drive cloud storage, or any other cloud based backup service, it can cause lags in order placement, real-time data update, and other unpredictable issues with DOMs, charts, databases and other tools.  


Before using daytradr software, you need to exclude the Document's folder from syncing with One Drive cloud storage (or any other app), or exclude the Jigsaw Trading folder from syncing to the cloud.


You might also want to tag daytradr software as a Safe app on your AntiVirus and/or AntiMalware software. Please refer to your AntiVirus / AntiMalware manual on how to do that.