Smart Queue Options

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Smart Queue Options

The SmartQueue logic shows the estimated amount of Limit Orders in front or your  limit order in the queue. If you have multiple limit orders at any price, SmartQueue will only apply to your earliest order.



In this example, we can see 3 separate limit buy orders all for 1 contract each. We can see the Queue position prefixed with a “Q”.


The options are as follows:




This switches smart queue display on and off.


Smart Pulling, Pull in Front Estimate

If an order is pulled from the queue, we can see that it has been pulled but we have no way of being 100% certain if the order was in front or behind us in the queue. With smart pulling switched on, we can define what percentage of pulled orders we shall presume to be in front of us. In our testing on the ES, settings of 15-25% worked best.



Reduce SmartQueue Font/Display Queue Vertical

As we now have more information in the Order Column, some traders may feel it necessary to make changes so that the Order Column does not use too much room.


The reduce SmartQueue Font will cause a smaller font to be used in the Order Column only:




The Display Queue Vertical will cause the order type/size to be displayed on a different line to the Queue Position.



This latter option will cause all rows to be slightly higher.