Journalytix Trade Statistics                

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Journalytix Trade Statistics                

Journalytix ia the Jigsaw automated trade statistics site. Your trades are sent to the site and there's advanced analytics to help you find where you are making money and where you aren't. SIM accounts are also setup on the Journalytix side, so connecting unlocks additional features.


The Journalytix manual is here


To access Journalytix all you have to do is 2 simple steps.


1 - enter your Jigsaw username and password in the daytradr options window.



2 - Click the Journalytix icon on the daytradr desktop




You will then be logged onto the site. All trades that you make in daytradr will be sent to Journalytix in real time.  If for some reason, you don't see your trades there, then click "Tools -> Resend Trade Stats" on the daytrade menu:




Your trades will then be sent to the Journalytix server.