JT Indicators

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JT Indicators

We are not big fans of price based indicators here at Jigsaw. Our charting application is partly based on libraries we lease from a specialist software company. The libraries came with a set of indicators.


We thought long and hard about whether to include in the release. In the end, we decided that if one of these made the difference between you paying for one platform vs two platforms, we should include them. It's just that we are not big fans of price based indicators


We do feel that more recently developed indicators that combine price, order flow and volume do have significant merit. With that in mind, we created our own version of the following indicators that did not come with the charting library:


JT Cumulative Delta - Cumulative Delta - shows the changes in delta (net buys - net sells) for each bar on the chart.

JT FootPrint Stats - Footprint Statistics  - which provide summary information about each bar of a Footprint chart

JT Swing Charts - Shows the swings up and down in the market, the size of each move and the volume in each move.

JT Volume Profiles - Allows you to create different types of volume profile to overlay on top of the chart - composite, session based, selectable.


Some studies (like Cumulative Delta) require order flow data click here for more on how that works.


To add a study to a chart, click the icon and you will see the following:



Double click a Study name in the top left panel and it will add it to the chart. We advise using the pre-defined colors which are made to be visible in both Dark and Light modes. Each study has it's own settings and we recommend the defaults. Panel index allows you to say which panel the study appears on and again, we recommend the defaults settings for all studies.


Note that studies/charts will backfill order flow history as necessary. For example, the swing charts just use regular bar data but the Cumulative Delta and FootPrint require order flow data. See the section Loading Order Flow Data for more information on that as well as Data Availability to check how much data backfill your data provider supplies.