Trade Simulator

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Trade Simulator

The Trade Simulator allows you to maintain simulated (SIM) orders and positions. Orders are filled realistically along with realistic fills on Limit Orders and realistic Slippage on Market and Stop order types. All Order Types in daytradr are supported on the Simulator.


Here's a quick overview on how the Simulator Works:


The steps to using the Simulator are as follows:


General rules


SIM Accounts can be traded just like any other account.

A SIM order is tied to the data feed that created it. So if you were hooked into a specific feed on Depth & Sales when placing the order, we will start processing of the SIM order when that feed is reconnected. That includes platform feeds.

A SIM order can not be used on a Depth & Sales that is running of Ninja Market Replay. This is to prevent "cheating" on the leaderboard. You can use Replay Accounts with daytradr but replay trades will not be sent to the trade analytic servers.


Step 1

Log on to (with your member credentials) and Click Tools -> Simulator Account




Click Create to add a new SIM account and the Dustbin icon to delete one.


The "Show in Leaderboard" option will be enabled soon. You can have SIM accounts on the leaderboard but there are 2 restrictions.


1 - You only add a SIM account with no trades to the leaderboard.

2 - You cannot delete a SIM account once it has trades on the leaderboard.


After setting up SIM accounts, you'll need to open daytradr. daytradr will download the SIM accounts on startup.


daytradr options


Before you can use SIM accounts. You need to ensure your member site username/password are entered in the daytradr options (daytradr main screen -> File -> Options)




daytradr Startup


SIM accounts are loaded on startup of the Application. You can see SIM accounts in the Account Tab of the Orders & Positions Screen




The SIM accounts have FCM ID set to "JTSIM" and IB ID" set to "SIMULATOR".