Trade Logging

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Trade Logging

Every trading action and event is stored on a file on your PC. There is one file per calendar day:




The files can be opened in Excel or Notepad. The columns are seperated by a semi-colon ";".




Time - Date, Time that the message occured

Message Type

oOrder Create - daytradr sending a message to create an Order

oOrder Modify - daytradr sending a message to modify an Order

oOrder Cancel - daytradr sendind a message to cancel an Order

oOrder Status - Broker sending back an order status (multiple status changes for an order is normal)

oPosition Status - Broker sending back an change of position status

ID - Order Id

Account - Account on which order/position was placed

Instrument - Instrument name

Direction - Buy or Sell for Order, Long or Short for Positions

Qty - Order/Position Quantity

Filled Quantity - Filled Quantity

Type - Order Type

Stop Volume - Stop Volume for Volume Stop orders

Stop Price - Price for Stop Orders

Limit Price - Price for Limit/Stop limit Orders

TIF - Time in Force


Exit - Exit Strategy used