Tick Size Compression

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Tick Size Compression

With Tick Size Compression we can now reduce the tick size increment of an instrument, increasing D&S readability.


Tick compression is the product of tick multiplier and tick size increment of an instrument. For example an instrument has a tick size increment of 0.25 and its prices are like 3081.00, 3081.25, 3081.50, 3081.75, 3082.00, and if we select tick multiplier as 4 then its prices would be 3081.00, 3082.00, 3083.00, 3084.00 and so on.


Here's a video where you can learn about the Tick Size Compression:


Tick Size Compression


There are three types of Tick Compression Up, Down and Both. We can also refer these three types as Tick Compression Direction.

When selecting a symbol, the default value of tick multiplier is 1 and the default value for tick compression direction is Both. We can select the tick compression by going Up, Down or Both sides.








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