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Release Notes Onwards

Version - 14th March, 2024


New Feature: Single Click Cell Highlight & Unhighlight on the Alert Column

New D&S Button: Delta Price Clear Button  


In addition to this, the following fixes have been implemented:


Fix - Chart crosshair would disappear when drawing

Fix - We could not change the color of the Stochastic and a couple of other indicators

Fix - The delta in summary tape was not resetting at session open

Fix - When we had more than 3 D&S clearing current trades outside momentum tails, we would have a surge in CPU usage

Fix - Load levels were not being saved in the workspace

Fix - When markets were moving fast, sometimes the snapshot histogram would leave stuck levels behind



Version - 15th December, 2023


New D&S Column: Delta Price

New Feature: Clear Current Trades Every "X" Seconds

New Feature: Clear current trades outside Momentum Tails

New Feature: See PnL in Ticks / $

New Feature: Ignored SIM accounts in Journalytix will not be visible on the daytradr platform

New Feature: Highlight the Opening Range on the Volume Profile column

New Feature: daytradr Charts now working with Market Replay

New Feature: Left/Right Text Justification option for the following columns:

 - Volume Profile

 - Bid / Ask Profile

 - Bid / Ask Snapshot

 - Bid / Ask Depth

 - Bid / Ask Current Trades

 - Last Traded Quantity


In addition to this, the following fixes have been implemented:


Fix - When we change D&S template, we lose the cross trading symbol when trading JX SIM accounts

Fix - Click and drag is not smooth on the MP Chart

Fix - When we close and reopen daytradr, market profiles are not visible while we are disconnected from the feed.

Fix - JX SIM account - We are able to open a position using the cross instrument option for MCLZ23, MGCZ23, and XCZ23, but we cannot flat it

Fix - We are able to open a position using the cross instrument option for ZSF24 (XKF24) and ZWH24 (XWH24), but we cannot flat it using the FLAT button. CQG don't have data available for the mini contracts

Fix - When we delete alerts, close and reopen daytradr, deleted alerts are visible again

Fix - When we click on the D&S button to delete the alerts, sometimes some of the alerts do not get deleted

Fix - The 5-minutes chart Volume Profile is not loading properly on a 5 minute chart with Rithmic

Fix - When we select a Strategy on the Trade Window and then change the DS template, the strategy still shows, but it does not trigger

Fix - Customer from will no longer need the Live Trading license for their evaluations

Fix - We are adding the realtime VP to the historic VP when this is loaded, which can show double the volume that was actually traded.

Fix - Tradovate - When we refresh the D&S, we are doubling the volume

Fix - When we have price info box enabled and we close/reopen daytradr, price info box will be disabled, and we enable it, instead of opening the price info box again, we are opening the volume info box

Fix - JX SIM accounts - in very volatile markets, NQ, sometimes when the trail stop order is executed, the D&S row continue to be highlighted and the order is visible in the OrdersPosition window.

Fix - JX SIM accounts - in very volatile markets, NQ, sometimes when we open a position and prices immediately jump above our stop loss, this one gets immediately executed but the corresponding OCO limit orders is not canceled. The position is closed but the limit order stays in the markets.

Fix - IBTWS - Notes are not being erased by clickin in the Clear alerts button when VP history is not fully loaded

Fix - Even when we close the charts, we are not releasing the memory, nor closing the data subscriptions in CQG and Rithmic

Fix - When we load a 30min chart as we are making new session high/low or we are pulling from it, we are missing some data. As the chart keep updating, when we reload the chart, it seems all the data collected realtime disappears

Fix - IQFeed/Rithmic - When new session began, the 30min chart did now show VP, only when I reloaded the chart, the data show, but in IQFeed, as we started to make new lows, VP was not updating, and Rithmic when reload was missing data

Fix - IBTWS - When we restart daytradr, volume profile starts to increase around where prices are trading without any reason

Fix - When we close daytradr and reopen it a couple minutes after ther session start, collected VP data from when the session started, disappears

Fix - IB TWS - We are missing data on the current 30min bar

Fix - Some users couldn't see the NT8 platform on the Platform Tab

Fix - When we are making new lows/highs, current volume profile is not building realtime

Fix - Rithmic - When we try to load a 1 tick interval charts, the chart do not load, it only works from 2 tick interval.

Fix - When we recenter footprint chart we are getting current bar at different positions on the chart, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. The same thing happens when we click on the column price to reset scale to 100%. It's also recentering the chart

Fix - IBTWS - As we update the volume profile as market are makinf new high/low, the updated portion of the volume profile keeps blinking

Fix - IBTWS - When we set an end date, it does not work, we continue to show today session



Version - 29th September, 2023


New feature: Cross Instrument Trading


New chart feature: Tick Interval on FootPrint Reversal charts

New chart feature: Option to remove current price horizontal line

New chart feature: "Volume Profile Graded" option to the Histogram Style on FootPrint and FootPrint Reversal charts


In addition to this, the following fixes have been implemented:


Fix - We could not open the notes from the Journalytix calendar

Fix - When selecting the tick compression Up or Down modes, we were having the same volume profile

Fix - 6S symbol had an issue with how price was being displayed in Gain and Tradovate

Fix - Crosshair was not visible on the chart when we use the Light mode

Fix - D&S was not refreshing when we would change date and time in Tradovate Replay mode

Fix - Everytime we changed replay date or time, Tradovate connection would disconnect and reconnect

Fix - If we centered a Footprint chart, current bar sometimes would be hidden

Fix - Some users were unable to get a replay account #

Fix - Some users were unable to complete the NT bridge connection



Version - 23rd June, 2023


New feature - Auto Break Even Strategies

New feature - Trail After Ticks

New feature - FootPrint Reversal Chart


In addition to this, the following fixes have been implemented:


Fix - OCO orders were not being canceled accordingly on some APIs

Fix - Tick compression was not aggregating data correctly

Fix - ZT and ZF prices were showing incorrect price increments in the D&S and charts

Fix - Momentum Tails' color opacity was not being saved in the template

Fix - Iceberg alerts were not triggering correctly

Fix - OCO orders were not updated correctly when a strategy was partially filled

Fix - MAE/MFE was not calculated correctly

Fix - P&F charts were not loading data for ZN, ZF, ZB, ZT

Fix - Sometimes D&S was showing the wrong Open price when the session resets

Fix - Daytradr Charts when using a Tradovate connection were sometimes lagging

Fix - When changing symbols in the D&S, sometimes it would not reset properly to the new symbol

Fix - Account Balance is now updated correctly for all APIs with a direct connection

Fix - Orders in Vista charts were not showing at the correct price when using tick compression

Fix - The color of the entry price would sometimes disappear

Fix - Price Squawk was not working properly

Fix - Market Profile charts would lose the profile when drawing a line on them

Fix - We added all available Rithmic servers for all the trader funding companies

Fix - Tradovate connection would stay in “Pending” mode for some accounts and not fully connect

Fix - Stoplimit orders were not trailing correctly

Fix - Crosshair was not showing in the indicator panels



Version - 3rd April, 2023


Improved integration with Tradovate and better disconnect handling

Compatibility with The new NinjaTrader 8.1.1

Improved IB Integration (which was throwing error messages when trading stocks)


In addition to this, the following 'minor' issues have been resolved:


Fix - Account numbers could not be fully visible in the Trade Window dropdown menu

Fix - Tradovate multiple disconnections

Fix - Tradovate consecutive errors when disconnects

Fix - Could not see accounts in new NT8.1

Fix - Could not see demo accounts in new NT8.1 without a live license

Fix - New NT8.1 demo accounts were being tagged as live accounts in Journalytix

Fix - When losing internet connection, we would lose the new NT8.1 accounts

Fix - When changing Bridge connection to a direct connection, the account would not be visible

Fix - Daytradr can now show 100 level of them when connected to NT8

Fix - Orders executed in the new NT8.1 while daytradr was closed, were showing as ghost orders when we would open daytradr

Fix - When closing IBTWS, connection would say alive in daytradr, generating multiple error messages

Fix - Sometimes when we had a chart and a D&S opened, connected to IB, they would not update realtime

Fix - If pending orders in IB were executed while PC as asleep or disconnected from internet, those orders would become ghost orders and visible in the D&S

Fix - When we disable Close option in the Positions window and a new position opened and closed afterward, it’s no longer visible on the window

Fix - We are now able to properly sort the trades in the Positions window by MAE and MFE

Fix - Bids/Offers text in the Reconstruct tape no longer shows outside the background color

Fix - Fonts and other options from Alert window were not being saved in its template

Fix - Locked D&S for trading option was not being saved

Fix - When D&S was locked for trading, at reconnect it would become unlocked.

Fix - When the power meter was enabled from the D&S, every time we closed that D&S, the next time we would open that workspace, the D&S would show up again

Fix - When highlighting the large bids/offers on the D&S we no longer highlight the total bid and offer

Fix - When we awake PC, charts that had been closed no longer will open

Fix - We no longer leave snapshot highlights stuck on the D&S

Fix - When tick compression is enabled, we no longer leave the last bid/offer and their total stuck on the D&S

Fix - When tick compression is enabled, we are now able to save a template with the Show Depth history disabled

Fix - The Sweep colors in the Reconstruct tape is no longer inverted

Fix - Sometimes the D&S template menu was not available

Fix - When we would remove the order column from the D&S, it was possible to place orders

Fix - It’s now possible to create keyboard shortcuts using the SHIFT+up/down/left/right keys

Fix - It’s now possible to create keyboard shortcuts using CTRL+ALT+NUMPADS

Fix - When selecting an account in the search window, that account will be the one set in the traded window

Fix - When we set a font size below 8 we can resize the D&S column width

Fix - When editing an order, we can now select  price we want to move that order to, without any restriction

Fix - By using ESC button, we can now easily close the charts settings windows

Fix - When opening the D&S search window to change the symbol, it’s now highlighted, so it is easier to change it

Fix - We are now able to see all text when we finish downloading symbols

Fix - We are now coloring the price scale background with the full session range in the D&S

Fix - Trailing orders sometimes would not trail in CQG

Fix - When we were connected to multiple demo/live accounts, only the first account from the list would be visible on the trade window

Fix - Stoplimit order was being placed on daytradr at the offset price, not at the clicked price

Fix - VWAP was showing different values when applied to different time frames

Fix - Rithmic download spreads/future strategies

Fix - Single key shortcuts need 2 clicks to work

Fix - Clear all current trades shortcut would not clear all

Fix - issue with P&L in column on Depth & Sales

Added - Interactive Brokers HKEX symbols - HTI (Hang Seng Tech Index), HSI (Hang Send Stock Index), and HHI (Hang Seng China Enterprise Index)

Added - Interactive Brokers CBOE symbols - VX (CBOE Volatility Index), VXM (Mini CBOE Volatility Index)



Version - 23rd February, 2023


Fix - We could not get any seconds data from CQG

Fix - We were missing cumulative delta data in all API’s

Fix - We were receiving errors not being able to subscribe symbol

Fix - Sometimes we were not loading any data from cache

Fix - CQG seconds data were not updating real time

Fix - When we closed a chart we were not unsubscribing to the symbol, not releasing the memory

Fix - We were not loading volume profile within market profiles charts

Fix - Sometimes we would not load all requested data history

Fix - Footprint current bars sometimes would be missing data from the current bar

Fix - When changing time intervals, sometimes footprint would not change bars to the new selected interval

Fix - Cumulative delta using CQG data sometimes would be very different from other APIs

Fix - Markets profiles would shift to the chart left side when we changed symbol

Fix - We would be getting a message indicating that was not able to download history despite all history has been downloaded

Fix - For some API’s, cumulative delta was not being correctly calculated from real time bars

Fix - When we would reopen daytradr, sometimes we would see a big cumulative delta bar in some APIs

Fix - We were only able to load 1 single day from Rithmic when we had cumulative delta plotted on the chart

Fix - In some situations we were not being able to see the entire price digits on the chart price column

Fix - When plotting cumulative delta in tick chart, some APIs were showing odd candles

Fix - For markets such as the Treasuries and Currencies, where the old pit/day session started at 07:20 am CT, we were starting the session at 07:30 am CT.

Fix - Current 1 min bar in some API’s was flickering

Fix - When loading an hourly chart with cumulative delta plotted, we would see an excessive memory usage



Version - 16th December, 2022


Fix - JT FootPrint stats and JT Cumulative Delta were removed for IB Feed.

Fix - When we open charts, they never open at 100%.

Fix - Not able to add Bollinger bands, Guppy Multiple Moving Average Indicator together on daytradr.

Fix - When the Candle chart is refreshed, it moves up.

Fix - TPO Point of Control is not being calculated properly on the MP chart.

Fix - When we resize charts, bars and price scale font size become smaller.

Fix - Volume profiles in the chart are not displayed correctly

Fix - TPO chart is missing data, but when we open a new chart, data is available

Fix - When dragging TPO chart left and right using mouse left button, profiles do not move, the vertical session lines do, and we can't expand the TPO profile

Fix - FP Chart is not Updating in Sync with D&S

Fix - Cannot delete small drawings

Fix - AVWAP indicator does not respond to changes in anchor date

Fix - When using a strategy, sometimes an order is not cancelled and gets stuck when all orders are filled.

Fix - TPO charts stopped updating when they are running for more than a day

Fix - Odd numbers in footprint chart, we have numbers behind numbers

Fix - Error "Order Cancel Command rejected - not process command for order id = X" when using a Strategy with OCO on Tradovate demo account.

Fix - Some Open Trades have 0 qty.

Fix - When we apply the Probability cone indicator, we are not seeing 95% of it

Fix - While drawing "Selectable" Volume profile study on a FootPrint chart, multiple unnecessary vertical lines are drawn.

Fix - Projected Aggregator volume and Projected Volume at Time Indicators not loading any data

Fix - 480 min FP chart not working on beta while it was working on

Fix - Projected Aggregator volume and Projected Volume at Time Indicators allow setting the Anchor Time option as non-time format, which messes up the chart/indicator scales

Fix - Session line of JT cumulative delta do not show on the correct position and y-axis display color was not working

Fix - When we remove the extended hours, the volume profile disappear and appears again as we zoom in and out

Fix - JT Swing chart stops updating in Line-break charts smaller than 1 min.

Fix - Donchian Channel Indicator only available on second panel

Fix - MP Profile chart lost zoom when we maximize the chart

Fix - When we move ES MP chart to the right side of the window, profiles start to disappear from the middle of the window

Fix - Shows home button on candle chart when we open a chart first time after delete the cache



Version - 15th November, 2022


Changes for new exchange naming at Interactive Brokers

Fix - New .UNK files being created during repair on startup

Fix - Issue with IB throwing error about "submitting requests without explicit time zone"

Fix - Chart messages should not prevent the charts from being zoomed/scrolled


Version - 11th November, 2022


Removed option of Footprints for IB Data Feed as IB doesn't have the FP Data

Fix - Rithmic issues connecting via R TRader Pro (Footprint and volume profile not working)

Fix - MP Charts not working if we switch from candle to FP to MP

Fix - FP Chart shows 'loading message" when changing time interval

Fix - IQFeed sometimes unable to load FP Data

Fix - Rithmic VP on Depth & Sales working intermittently

Fix - When switching from FP to MP, MP chart could not be scrolled

Fix - VWAP study not working correctly

Fix - MP Sometimes not showing the volume profile correctly

Fix - Volume Chart flashing on and off and not showing volume on some bars


Version - 2nd November, 2022


More chart timeframes, with longer lookback periods - This should be combined with much faster, more responsive charts using less CPU per chart. We are now leaning more on the data providers to give us the appropriate timeframe. So if you request a 526 tick chart, that's what we ask the data provider to give us - removing the load to consolidate 1 tick data from the platform side. Where available we have included tick charts and daily charts as well as removing any restrictions on the lookback period.

Tick size compression - that (for example), will allow you to change NQ Futures from a tick size of .25 to a tick size of 1.00 with the "missing" volumes at the "hidden" levels, consolidated at the new compressed level. There'll be a video for this in case it's not quite clear. Compressing an instrument that is wildly volatile, effectively stabilizes it, making it easier to read without bringing in additional risk. You  CAN trade from a compressed or uncompressed D&S. More here:

Highlight Bid Offer on Price. This functionality highlights the best Bid and best Offer on the price column.

New Chart Types

Vertex Line

Step Chart

Colored HLC bar chart


Histogram Chart

New Studies/Indicators


Guppy Multiple Moving Average

IntraDay Momementum Index

Moving average cross

Performance IDX

Projected Aggregated Volume

Projected Volume at time

Twigs Money flow

Volatility Cone

Single sign on and Jigsaw Hub implemented

Improved performance for CQG - Adding more threads to prevent messages backing up during peak times

Shortcut keys for moving orders - (

S + up/down arrow - move stops up/down 1 tick

S + Spacebar - move stops to breakeven

L + up/down arrow - move stops up/down 1 tick

S + F1 - move stops to breakeven + 1 tick in the direction of the position (also S + F2, S + F3, S + F4, S + F5) will move 2,3,4,5 ticks


Version - 10th August, 2022

Fix - Support GAIN and IB new Exchange formats (Instrument Download)

Fix - Prevent repeated FLAT button pressing - see this blog post


Version - 2nd March, 2022

Fix - Multiple Error messages from chart

Fix - Issue with fill processing on CQG

Users can copy messages from Error Window.


Version - 23rd September, 2021

Discord Integration

Externally generated messages (like trade rejections) will now be in italics

Chart Improvements - back end/front end failure fixes & better messaging for API delivery failures

Chart Improvements - reload button added to force retry on load failure

Chart Improvements - black screen fixes

New Instrument Support - Interest Rate Micros, Various other Micros (note - many of these have been released on demand)

API - New Stellar API integration for Journalytix - with 365 day history download

Pot Gauges - Fixed stoppages, Balance Meter & Main gauge

Licensing - Lost licensing fixes


Version - 30th April, 2021

Release candidate for Charting changes. Beta should be closed in a week.

Remove Auto Start from registry if not checked in installer

Remove HTML Chart cache on install (some glitches were caused by cache remaining)

FP Stats not populating on first load

D&S Center Line Cannot be switched off

TPO Letters

Charts Moving Right on their own

FP Bars 'bouncing'

Not able to place new order on D&S without canceling old OCO

Chart opens with black screen

Workspace glitch - Charts keep coming back.

Colors can now be set for LTQ in Volume Profile


Version - 19 April, 2021

Release candidate for Charting changes. Beta should be closed in 1-3 weeks.

Fix: Order QTY not always changing with Strategy Selection

Fix: TPO Value lines not extended

Fix: Cumulative Delta not loading after timeframe change

Fix: NT8 and MT5 Bridges not operational

FIX: Account Null message on NT8 trade placement


Version - 12 April, 2021

Release candidate for Charting changes. Beta should be closed in 2-4 weeks.

Enhancement: CQG - New API supported

Enhancement: IB/Tradovate - Major API improvements

Enhancement: Charting pefrormance improvments

Fixed: Majority of all Beta reported issues


Version - 31 July, 2020

This release is a 'clean up' of charting and a number of other issue. All users should move to this version, even if they do not use our charting.

Enhancement: Added new performance options in options screen, new defaults for performance for Depth & Sales - includes new Depth & Sales templates (including default template)

Enhancement: Added Tradovate requests to parallel queue to reduce disconnects.

Enhancement: Lag issues on D&S.

Enhancement: Tradovate feed lagging other feeds.

Ehnancement: IQFeed lagging.

Enhancement: Added connection name to connection error,for those with multiple instances of the same connection type.

Fixed: Some chart properties not saved

Fixed: Cell size glitch in Depth & Sales

Fixed: issues with charts & Tradovate replay

Fixed: Sessions missing last minute of globex when downloading history

Fixed: Footprint backfill issues after a disconnect.

Fixed:  CSI Chart sometimes looks "spikey"

Fixed:  Issue with dragging footprint charts up & down.

Fixed: Unchecking "Show Extended Hours" makes X Axis disappear.

Fixed: Background color on Recon Tape.

Fixed: FP Seconds bars not rendering properly.

Fixed: FP Charts for stocks not updating.

Fixed: MP Chart moving up and down on it's own

Fixed: Swing Chart volumes incorrect.

Fixed: D&S resetting randomly (previously fixed issue came back)

Fixed: Miscellaneous other fixes.



Version - 31 July, 2020

Enhancement: Charting Release Beta 1

Enhancement: Added support for Tradovate 2FA. Click here for info

Enhancement: Allow empty user/password in Connection File

Enhancement: Encrypt passwords in Connection File (Open close existing connections to encrypt them)

Ehnancement: Non-Live license no longer required for Earn2Trade & OneUpTrader

Fixed: CQG Instrument download not working with some versions of .NET

Fixed: Auto-start not working for 64 bit Jigsaw

Fixed: Rithmic Connection Issue

Fixed: GAIN shows disconnected state when connecting