Release Notes Onwards

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Release Notes Onwards

Version - 29th March, 2022

New licensing files added for Charting Modules

Improved Rithmic Reconnect Process/Connection Stability

Backup connection timeout added for Tradovate

Fix: Some instruments not loading data on existing D&S

Fix: MT5 does not rebuild Volume Profile on reconnect

Fix: Gauges not show right high and low value on needle for bridge connections (MT5 and NT8)

Fix: Some Footprint charts do not move scroll on new bar

Improved Error Reporting on charts when no bars available

Fix: Bars missing on chart after adding cumulative data (Rithmic only)


Version - 2nd March, 2022

Fix: Multiple Error messages from chart

Fix: Issue with fill processing on CQG

Users can copy messages from Error Window.

Version - 29th December, 2021

OAuth support for Tradovate

Improved Error Messages for Licensing Issues (so you know what to do)

Fixed: Cannot move columns on D&S

Fixed: Rithmic Disconnect Issue

Fixed: Charts getting confused about which feed to use in some cases

Fixed: Copied workspaces (from another PC), sometimes not opening charts

Fixed: Duplicate drawing objects

Fixed: MT5 Integration Issues



Version - 23rd September, 2021

Discord Integration

Externally generated messages (like trade rejections) will now be in italics

Chart Improvements - back end/front end failure fixes & better messaging for API delivery failures

Chart Improvements - reload button added to force retry on load failure

Chart Improvements - black screen fixes

New Instrument Support - Interest Rate Micros, Various other Micros (note - many of these have been released on demand)

API - New Stellar API integration for Journalytix - with 365 day history download

Pot Gauges - Fixed stoppages, Balance Meter & Main gauge

Licensing - Lost licensing fixes


Version - 30th April, 2021

Release candidate for Charting changes. Beta should be closed in a week.

Remove Auto Start from registry if not checked in installer

Remove HTML Chart cache on install (some glitches were caused by cache remaining)

FP Stats not populating on first load

D&S Center Line Cannot be switched off

TPO Letters

Charts Moving Right on their own

FP Bars 'bouncing'

Not able to place new order on D&S without canceling old OCO

Chart opens with black screen

Workspace glitch - Charts keep coming back.

Colors can now be set for LTQ in Volume Profile


Version - 19 April, 2021

Release candidate for Charting changes. Beta should be closed in 1-3 weeks.

Fix: Order QTY not always changing with Strategy Selection

Fix: TPO Value lines not extended

Fix: Cumulative Delta not loading after timeframe change

Fix: NT8 and MT5 Bridges not operational

FIX: Account Null message on NT8 trade placement


Version - 12 April, 2021

Release candidate for Charting changes. Beta should be closed in 2-4 weeks.

Enhancement: CQG - New API supported

Enhancement: IB/Tradovate - Major API improvements

Enhancement: Charting pefrormance improvments

Fixed: Majority of all Beta reported issues


Version - 31 July, 2020

This release is a 'clean up' of charting and a number of other issue. All users should move to this version, even if they do not use our charting.

Enhancement: Added new performance options in options screen, new defaults for performance for Depth & Sales - includes new Depth & Sales templates (including default template)

Enhancement: Added Tradovate requests to parallel queue to reduce disconnects.

Enhancement: Lag issues on D&S.

Enhancement: Tradovate feed lagging other feeds.

Ehnancement: IQFeed lagging.

Enhancement: Added connection name to connection error,for those with multiple instances of the same connection type.

Fixed: Some chart properties not saved

Fixed: Cell size glitch in Depth & Sales

Fixed: issues with charts & Tradovate replay

Fixed: Sessions missing last minute of globex when downloading history

Fixed: Footprint backfill issues after a disconnect.

Fixed:  CSI Chart sometimes looks "spikey"

Fixed:  Issue with dragging footprint charts up & down.

Fixed: Unchecking "Show Extended Hours" makes X Axis disappear.

Fixed: Background color on Recon Tape.

Fixed: FP Seconds bars not rendering properly.

Fixed: FP Charts for stocks not updating.

Fixed: MP Chart moving up and down on it's own

Fixed: Swing Chart volumes incorrect.

Fixed: D&S resetting randomly (previously fixed issue came back)

Fixed: Miscellaneous other fixes.



Version - 31 July, 2020

Enhancement: Charting Release Beta 1

Enhancement: Added support for Tradovate 2FA. Click here for info

Enhancement: Allow empty user/password in Connection File

Enhancement: Encrypt passwords in Connection File (Open close existing connections to encrypt them)

Ehnancement: Non-Live license no longer required for Earn2Trade & OneUpTrader

Fixed: CQG Instrument download not working with some versions of .NET

Fixed: Auto-start not working for 64 bit Jigsaw

Fixed: Rithmic Connection Issue

Fixed: GAIN shows disconnected state when connecting