Power Meter Settings

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Power Meter Settings




Reset On New Session – Forces the power meter to reset on a new session. A new session will be detected by the session settings on your trading platform.


Trades Power Meter – Turns on the trades power meter, showing all the cumulative trades shown on the recon tape


Short Term Turn Power Meter – Turns on the Short Term Turn Power Meter


Long Term Turn Power Meter – Turns on the Long Term Turn Power Meter


Power Meter Seconds – How many seconds worth of trades to show on the Short/Long Term Power Meter. Above we have the short term meter set to 1 minute and the long term meter set to 3 minutes. Note that it shows trailing information, so in the above image it’ll show the last 60 seconds on the short term meter, it does not reset every 60 seconds, it’ll show the prior 60 seconds at any point.


All Trades/Filtered Trades – Whether the turn meters should show all trades or just the trades that are filtered on the Recon Tape.


These meters in our opinion should be set to very short time periods. You are looking for one side to come in, with volume at an area you were expecting a reaction. Our recommendation is 60 for short term and 180/300 for long term and all trades.