Reconstructed Tape Power Meters

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Reconstructed Tape Power Meters


The Power Meters provide a visual tool to show the proportion of sell market to buy market orders. To open the power meters on the Reconstructed Tape, click on the JIGSAW~1_img31 icon.



The power meter can be displayed horizontally or vertically. The colors on the power meter can be set in the Fonts and Colors tab of the Reconstructed Tape Settings.


Top to bottom (and left to right), we have the Trades Power Meter, the Short Term Turn Power Meter and the Long Term Turn Power Meter.


In the above example, we see white text on red background representing Sell Market orders that have hit into the Bid. We see white text on blue background representing Buy Market orders that have hit into the offer.


The Power Meter can either reset manually by clicking the “R” button as well as through reset options available in the Reconstructed Tape setting screen. Right Clicking the “R” button will reset all power meters. Note that on Reconstructed Tape, the turn meters cannot be reset; there’d be no real point.


The Power Meters can be flipped from vertical to horizontal and back by clicking the “T” button.


Note that the Reconstructed Tape Trades Power meter will show details for the trades reported on that Reconstructed Tape. So if you have Reconstructed Tape filtered to show trades of 100 contracts or more, then the power meter will only show the totals of those trades of 100 contracts and greater.