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Positions Tab



The positions view shows all orders for a selected date range or "Today" to show just today's positions. You can also choose if open, closed or canceled orders are to be included.


A - Clicking the "+" icon on the left will pop up a window displaying the fills for the order (if any).

B - Clicking the hammer icon will launch Depth & Sales for that instrument

C - Clicking the pig icon will launch the Reconstructed Tape window

D - Clicking the pig icon will launch the Summary Tape window

E - A list of traded currencies for the filtered period is here. If you select a currency it will display the open, closed and total P&L for that currency (for the selected period.

F - You can check the box next to an open position, the "FLAT CHECKED" button can then be used to instantly close all checked position. The "FLAT ALL" button can be used to instantly close all open positions.


Right Clicking the column heading on any screen will display the sorting & filtering options, as well as the column chooser.


For more details on the remaining items on the window - see the section on Legging Out of Spreads.


The "FLAT CHECKED" and "FLAT" buttons are shown in this video: