Loading Levels to D&S and Vista

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Loading Levels to D&S and Vista

It is now possible to load levels from a spreadsheet file from within Depth & Sales.





The Depth & Sales Settings now has a new tab "Load Levels". You can select a file that contains the levels and then load them.

File - File name & location -  The default file location is My Documents\Jigsaw Trading\Levels\filename.csv "filename" can be any name you like and you can have as many files as you like in the folder.

Seperator - allows you to specify if "," or ";" is the seperator used between columns in this file

Load - Clear last loaded levels & load the ones in the existing file

Clear - Clear last loaded levels

Show Line ** - Check to show a horizontal line for the level on Auction Vista. The line will take the background color from the spreadsheet but if there's no background color, it'll use the foreground color.

Line Width ** - The width of the line on Auction Vista.


** Note - Lines will only be plotted if a color has been defined for the level


The levels should be contained in a .csv file which can contain 4 columns.


You can create this in Excel like this:



You could also edit it in notepad, like this:



For US Treasuries and other instruments priced in 16ths, 32nds or 64ths, please use the same notation that the daytradr product uses. For example...




In this case - you could enter 146'05 for an alert at the session low price.


The "," seperator is fine in most countries where your number format is "999,999.99" in some countries, the number format is "999.999,99" so the "," is the decimal point. In those cases, you use the semicolon as the separator like this:




The columns in order are:

Price - Price at which level occurs

Text - Text for the level (below 10 characters is good)

Background Color (optional) - Background Color and Line Color

Foreground Color (optional) - Text Color


Here is an example from 4th January:



When loaded to Depth & Sale and Vista, we see this:



On the Vista Chart, the levels can be seen as Horizontal lines like this:


The colors allowed are the ones in the following chart. Please ignore the #FF values - only the actual names - e.g. "AliceBlue" can be used in the spreadsheet. Note that the names are not case sensitive.