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The application will contact a licensing server each time you run the tools. If no valid license is found, then the tools will open with all options disabled like this:




Click "File" then "Licensing" and you will be presented with the following window:




The next step is to log on to the Jigsaw Members Site - with the same user name & password you chose when you purchased the Jigsaw Tools. Once logged on, click on the Licenses Button (not the License Keys Button - that is for the old plug in licensing system:




You will need to click where it says (full key) top get the full key. You can then paste the keys into the licensing window and click "Activate"




 You can activate up to 2 PCs at any time. If you want to switch the license to a new PC, you can Deactivate it here and then it will be available to be activated elsewhere. Note that if a key has an expiry date, that will be displayed below the key.


 If Activation is successful, then the tool options will be enabled as follows: