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JT FootPrint


The FootPrint chart shows volume at price on the buy and sell side. Most traders that use FootPrint charts are comparing sell orders at one price with buy orders at the price above. This is because these prices are trading at the same time. Jigsaw by default comes with "Tilt Mode" on (see image below) to make that comparison intuitive. The tilt shows pairs trading at these 2 prices.




We can see in the above diagram we have pairs of numbers at each time/price. Buys on the left x Sells on the right.

The number highlighted in Yellow represents an above average imbalance and the yellow square highlights the last traded price.

Please note that the JT Volume Profile indicator is not available to use with FootPrint charts.


Here's a video where you can learn more about FootPrint Charts:


Footprint Charts



Footprint options are as follows:  



Font Size - Font size to use for numbers on the footprint

Show Background - check if you want the entire background painted for contrast

Tilt Mode - Switches between tilted, non-tilted mode

Show Histogram - Paints a histogram on the Footprint background to highlight relative size traded

Histogram Scope - Bar - The histograms will be painted with size representing relative size for that 'bar', Visible - The histograms will be painted relative to the size of all visible bars

Histogram Diagonal - The histogram on the buy side will be compared to the sell above (not required to set for tilt mode)

Histogram Style - Delta - The histogram will be painted on highest side only and represent buy qty minus sell qty. Volume Profile - The histogram will be a volume profile (with red/blue color to indicate balance of trade). Volume Basic - A histogram for sells on the left of the bar, a histogram for buys on the right. Volume Profile Graded - The histogram will be a color graded volume profile (with red for down bars and blue to up bars as default)

Histogram Percent - The amount of the bar that the histogram can use.

VP Alignment - For volume profiles - whether they should be left or right aligned.

Show Numbers - Use to switch off the numbers on the profile, leaving the histograms only

Highlight Open Price - Put a (white) box around the open price of each bar

Highlight Close Price - Put a (yellow) box around the close price of each bar

Minimum Imbalance Volume - Minimum Volume that must trade at a price in order for us to consider highlighting an imbalance

Imbalance Percentage - Percentage one side must exceed the other in order for us to highlight an imbalance

Show Candles - Not currently used