JT FootPrint Stats

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JT FootPrint Stats

Footprint stats show a summary of each Footprint bar and is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Note that you can use this on any chart but it is designed to be displayed on the Footprint charts.





The rows are:

Total V - Total Volume for this bar

Buy V - Total Buy Volume for this bar

Sell V - Total Sell Volume for this bar

Delta - Delta for this individual bar

CD  - Cumulative Delta for this session






Show Buy Volume - Show the buy volume

Show Sell Volume - Show the sell volume

Show Bar Delta - Show the delta for the individual bar

Show Cumulative Delta - Show the cumulative delta

Show Gradation - Change Shading to show brighter colors for higher numbers

Show Numbers - Show (or hide) the actual numbers

Show Labels - Show (or hide) the labels