Split Volume Profile

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Split Volume Profile


The Split profile shows the total number of trades at the bid and offer separately for each price. Unfortunately, with this type of profile it is not currently possible to populate the profile with the sessions’ data when you open Depth & Sales.


Split VP

The Split Volume Profile is cleared by left clicking pressing the JIGSAW~1_img63 button. Right click the button to clear for all open windows. You can also clear up/down by up and down arrows next to the dustbin icon JIGSAW~1_img64


We can also see histograms bars as background color on the numbers. A Sky Blue for buy market and a Plum color for sell market. This is so that we can easily ‘eyeball’ where the largest volume traded recently.  These histograms are optional.




You can enable the histograms and set the colors for this here (bid side)


Split VP settings 1


And here (offer side)

Split VP settings 2



When using the histograms, it makes sense to put the 2 columns next to each other for easy comparison:

Split VP settings 3