Do I need to buy a data feed? - Futures

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Do I need to buy a data feed? - Futures

Many people have brokerage accounts with brokers we don't support and use our tools to analyze the markers and refine their trading.


So what's the best way to get Market Data?


Initially, the easiest way to get live market data is from this link


Look under "Need a Data Feed". Each feed has live market data for 2 weeks and a demo account. It's tied to your email address and generally you can only get 1 demo per email address for each provider in a 12 month period.


We don't supply data, it generally comes from your data provider. We do support the data feed from IQFeed which will cost you upwards of $120 a month.


Another approach traders take is to open up an account at a discount brokerage - you can do that for as little as $500. Then the broker provided feed (GAIN, CQG Continuum, Rithmic etc) will cost you about $31/month for US Futures markets.


So there's demo, IQFeed and broker provided feed options.