Opening a Chart

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Opening a Chart



Please watch the following short video to get an overview of our charts, what's included and our goal in creating them for you.



Our Charts are designed for ease of use. The charts use our own internal color scheme. You can choose light or dark background. Whichever you choose, all studies/drawings will be highly visible on that background without you needing to change any color settings. We believe in software working "out of the box" and not needing you to spend hours tinkering with things to make them look right. This will be a major change for most and we believe you'll come to prefer this approach once you get over the fact it's such a different way to deliver charts.


To open a chart, go to the main platform menu:




Click clip0307 to open the Chart window. The Chart and Symbol Search will then open in a separate window.





Once the instrument has been selected, you will be able to select a chart type:





Chart Type Section

Double click any chart type to select it. Currently we allow 1 chart type per chart.



Enter the properties (timeframe, lookback period, chart specific properties) here.


Click Apply to see the results but keep the Chart Settings window open, Click OK to accept settings and close Chart Settings window. Click Cancel to cancel setting changes.


The menu bar at the top of the chart looks like this: clip0385


clip0316        Choose Background Color Scheme (light and dark available)

clip0317                Re-center the chart

clip0318        Zoom in/out

clip0319                Open Indicator/Study Settings

clip0320                Switch between Pointer/Cross-hairs

clip0321                Toggle Drawing Tools On/Off

clip0325                Toggle Info Window On/Off

clip0386                Reload Chart