Statistic Sharing

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Statistic Sharing

Statistics can be shared with other users. You can share with your trading partner, your manager, your mentor, your students or the person funding your account.


The other person has to be registered on the Jigsaw site. Send us an email if you need us to register someone that isn't there.


The sharing is initiated with the share request form. Simply click "Make Request"..



Making a request


This will then pop up a window where you can enter the other persons details...




E-mail/Member name - Enter the other persons email address or member name (not display name)

Request Type - "Please share with me" - if you want to see their trade data. "I'll share with you" if you want to share your trade data with them.

Message - Enter a message that you want the other person to see when they view the share request.


Confirming/Deleting a Request





clip0135 Click to accept the request

clip0136 Click to delete the request


Viewing your Shares

The "My Shares" option allows you to see who you share data with and who shares data with you.  





clip0136 Click to delete the share.

clip0138 Click to ban the user, so that they can no longer request sharing with you