Release Notes

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Release Notes

Version 30th August, 2017

Production version


Version 7th September, 2017

Changes for Rollover

Made December symbols available

Peak time performance update


Version 15th September, 2017

FIX: Issue with skins not being saved

FIX: Issues when defining a new connection

FIX: IQFeed data not restarting when you re-open the app

Enhancement - Run MAE/MFE update in background, not PnL Monitor


Version 10th October, 2017

FIX: Various fixes for sending trades to server

FIX: CQG Connection fails after setup

FIX: Cannot re-open platform if you close with Rithmic connected

FIX: Ghost orders being displayed

FIX: Failed CQG Connections can't be restarted in some scenarios

FIX: Orders could go to incorrect instrument in some cases after switching instrument on D&S

Enhancement: Change Vista color scheme, add more color options, add trade bar, mid line color

Enhancement: Improve memory/CPU Utilization

Enhancement: Incorporated latest version of PriceSquawk


Version 11th October, 2017

Minor fixes


Version 30th October, 2017

FIX: UI Issues in D&S after memory improvements, some cells not updating

FIX: PnL issue on reversal/multi order fill

FIX: VP Not fully loading

Enhancement: Added crosshairs, volume bars, depth bars to Auction Vista

FIX: First trade of the day not appearing in PnL Window

FIX: High CPU on CQG Connect


Version 22nd November

Ehancement - Added support for stock markets

Ehancement - Added Flip Charts to Vista

Ehancement - Added Imbalance Option for Depth Charts

Ehancement - Added support for stock markets

Ehancement - Added support for new JSS Services XML file layout

FIX: Improved license checking process

FIX: Vista chart flashing

FIX: Volume bars changing size after painting

FIX: Various other minor fixes


Version 5th December

Ehancement: Support for GAIN Capital (OEC) Feed

Enhancement: Implemented latest CQG API file

Fix: APZ not working with CQG


Version 10th December

Ehancement: Support for BITCoin Futures



Version 10th December

Ehancement: Jigsaw Platform Bridge™


Version 17th January, 2018

Ehancement: Jigsaw Platform Bridge™ for MetaTrader5



Multi-Leg Strategies

NT8 Bridge out of Beta

Support for XTAPI (trade history only)

Alert Window not Opening

Database Issue after Windows update

Ehancement: Support for BITCoin Futures


Version 5th July, 2018

Note - 2002 was an interim release - but didn't pass QA. So the gap is intentional

Database connection pooling implemented - to prevent database overloading resulting in "pure virtual function call" error.

Improved performance with multiple clicking orders on GAIN

Improved performance of P&L window

Fix: NT8 recycling order numbers - causing errors when same order is reused

Fix: Bridge to MT5 not showing all bid/ask levels

Fix: Bridge to MT5 had issues with BP6 instrument

Fix: MT5 loses connection when you change timeframe

Fix: MT5

Fix: Ghost orders/Missing on Vista

Fix: Alerts missing from alert window

Fix: EMD contract specs wrong

Fix: MAE/MFE stops working if you leave on across midnight (date issue)

Fix: Web stats duplicating trades

Fix: NT8 stops trailing stops after reconnect

Fix: Gauge stuck on loading

Fix: Clicking flat could cause a reverse in some cases


Version 16th July, 2018

Minor release - for NT8 bridge

Issue with trailing orders on NT8 bridge

Issue with order ids on NT8 bridge

GAIN throwing warning messages

MT5 lagging issue

MT4 Array error on EA


Version 8th August, 2018

Minor release - fix database issues

Connection Pooling Fixes (database halting, skipping fills under load)

New MT4/MT5 installers - for better support of white labels

Improved TT Rest Support (auto connect, lookback days)

Support for GAIN/Journalytix


Version 10th August, 2018

Minor release - fix database issues

Patch for CQG Instrument Change

TTRest connection does not reconnect

NT8/IB reporting incorrect order Qty

Positions sometimes disappear on D&S Reset

BitFinex Alpha Release (send orders/positions only)

MT5 bridge reporting symbol mapping errors

MT5 bridge not reporting order rejections

XBT/BTC Instruments not populating


Version 9th Novemver, 2018

Minor release - fix database issues

Patch for CQG API Change

Patch for TTRest Change

Open not printing on new session

FGBL, FESX showing 9.99 closed PNL erroneously

MT5 Bridge - price, PnL corrections

MT5 Bridge - Trade time wrong on some timezone

EPIQ showing newest order by default on D&S - now shows oldest (closest to being filled)

Slowdowns caused by algo in recon tape meter

Vol Stops not working on NT8 & Tradovate

Vista misalignment

Ghost orders remain on Rithmic after connection failure

Page up/Page down issues on D&S