Release Notes

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Release Notes

Version 30th August, 2017

Production version


Version 7th September, 2017

Changes for Rollover

Made December symbols available

Peak time performance update


Version 15th September, 2017

FIX: Issue with skins not being saved

FIX: Issues when defining a new connection

FIX: IQFeed data not restarting when you re-open the app

Enhancement - Run MAE/MFE update in background, not PnL Monitor


Version 10th October, 2017

FIX: Various fixes for sending trades to server

FIX: CQG Connection fails after setup

FIX: Cannot re-open platform if you close with Rithmic connected

FIX: Ghost orders being displayed

FIX: Failed CQG Connections can't be restarted in some scenarios

FIX: Orders could go to incorrect instrument in some cases after switching instrument on D&S

Enhancement: Change Vista color scheme, add more color options, add trade bar, mid line color

Enhancement: Improve memory/CPU Utilization

Enhancement: Incorporated latest version of PriceSquawk


Version 11th October, 2017

Minor fixes


Version 30th October, 2017

FIX: UI Issues in D&S after memory improvements, some cells not updating

FIX: PnL issue on reversal/multi order fill

FIX: VP Not fully loading

Enhancement: Added crosshairs, volume bars, depth bars to Auction Vista

FIX: First trade of the day not appearing in PnL Window

FIX: High CPU on CQG Connect


Version 22nd November

Ehancement - Added support for stock markets

Ehancement - Added Flip Charts to Vista

Ehancement - Added Imbalance Option for Depth Charts

Ehancement - Added support for stock markets

Ehancement - Added support for new JSS Services XML file layout

FIX: Improved license checking process

FIX: Vista chart flashing

FIX: Volume bars changing size after painting

FIX: Various other minor fixes


Version 5th December

Ehancement: Support for GAIN Capital (OEC) Feed

Enhancement: Implemented latest CQG API file

Fix: APZ not working with CQG


Version 10th December

Ehancement: Support for BITCoin Futures



Version 10th December

Ehancement: Jigsaw Platform Bridge™


Version 17th January, 2018

Ehancement: Jigsaw Platform Bridge™ for MetaTrader5