Platform Installation

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Platform Installation

Download the latest install files from the Jigsaw Trading website. Use the login credentials you used when signing up for the software:




 Once logged in, you will see a link for the software downloads here:




Click on “Jigsaw daytradr” to get to the download page:





Click to Download the software or right click the link for download/execute options. There is no need to uninstall any existing version of daytradr before installing but it is better to ensure daytradr is not running,.


To install, find the install file on your hard drive:  “daytradrInstall.exe” (the x’s denote the version number) and double click to run the installer. You will then see this screen:




Click "Next>" to continue



Read the License Agreement, & then click on "I agree to the terms of this license agreement" if you agree, then click "Next>"



Select the appropriate platforms, if you want to use the Jigsaw Platform Bridge™ then Click Next>




Click "Next>" to confirm.



Click "Next >" Once more to proceed with the installation.



The installer will then copy the application to your PC.


When you see this message, the application is now installed.